Dickens – Bisazza Street, Sliema

The new logo for electronics shop Dickens was inspired
from the human senses involved with the interaction
of communication products. The form was then reshaped
to an uppercase ‘D’ to represent the company.

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Identity for GTG Advocates

GTG Advocates is a reputable interdisciplinary law firm established
in Old Bakery Street, Valletta. The identity design revolves around
the initials ‘GTG’, which stands for Gatt Tufigno Gauci. An evident
sense of balance, reassurance, and flexibility is demonstrated
in the application of a united and bold typographical form.

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Animated visual language for Xaħx

Xaħx is a Maltese sound artist who experiments
with tape and field recordings. Apart from creating
a new identity form, we also introduced an animated
language system made up of different icons and shapes
that are to be projected during his live performances.

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World Cup Calendar

Green-amarela fever!
Our match calendars are here just
in time for the World Cup in Brazil.

Contact us if you would like a copy.

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Graphic Woodcarvings

We have produced a self-initiated series
of woodcarvings that represent the type
of graphic work we do. All artworks
are available to purchase.

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Live Woodcarving Workshop – 22 May 2014

As part of the first ever Sappers Str. Party – Valletta,
we will be holding a live woodcarving workshop
at our studio.

Other stuff will be going on in the street,
from Maltese music, architectural exhibitions,
an outdoor cinema, and of course food and drinks!

Feel free to join us from 5pm onwards.
Click here for more information about the event.

Press Meeting

Not so long ago we welcomed AD’s Arnold Cassola,
Carmel Cacopardo, and Ralph Cassar for a short
presentation about our work and philosophy.

Joinwell Newsletter Grid

In the redesign of Joinwell’s quarterly newspaper we established
a new grid system that allows a flexible layout combination
between typographical elements and images.

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New Studio Workspace

It’s been a good few weeks since we moved to Valletta…
Up till now we had only shown you the outside of the studio
so here’s how our workspace looks at the moment!

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Pattern System for camilleriparismode

camilleriparismode is a century-old family business,
which started off trading quality fabrics. Today,
the company has evolved and expanded in diverse
sectors that include interiors, home accessories,
and bridal wear. To amalgamate the classical heritage
with its contemporary evolvement into one identity
we created a series of patterns derived from fabric motifs.

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Online Campaign Workshop

We attended a very insightful online campaign workshop
last weekend in Brussels, where lots of diverse strategies
were shared and new creative connections established.

On-going Projects at the Studio

We have some new projects coming up soon,
visit our website regularly to keep updated.

In the meantime you can follow us on Facebook.

Ready for Distribution…

As part of our new studio launch in Valletta we are distributing
postcards that briefly explain 2point3’s varied graphical services.

Feel free to contact us on info@2point3.com / +356 2158 3029 for a consultation.

Find us in Valletta

We are very pleased to announce that our studio
has been relocated to Sant Andrija Street, Valletta.

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We’re Relocating

We will be moving to a new studio space.
Our new location will be announced shortly.

Dutch Design Week Trip 2013

Our Dutch Design Week trip in Eindhoven was surely a memorable one.
During our stay we visited countless exhibits, which were mostly exceptional
in presentation but most of all had thorough creative process. This could
be seen mainly at the Dutch Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show, Klokgebouw,
and the TAC. It is surely a recommended trip to all and not just designers.

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‘On Holiday’ 22-29 October 2013

We will be abroad from the 22 till the 29 October
to re-energise and visit the Dutch Design Week.

Light up my House

Signage is always a project opportunity we gladly welcome.
Recently we took care of the exhibition identity & signage
for Light up my House, an interactive art installation held
at the Upper Barrakka Gardens – Valletta. An array of equations
and symbols were designed to convey the amount of pedal power
and time needed to start a home appliance.

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Projekte Identity

Projekte is a German-Maltese planning & development
company for sports stadiums and industrial lighting.

The division of the letter ‘Os’ in the logotype
is symbolic of the two main specialisations within
the company, Sports and Industrial. Simultaneously,
it also emphasises the word ‘Pro’ within the name.
This minimal typographic alteration was enough
to establish an iconographic form that was utilised
on various printed material.

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PSMC Website

Bright colours and bold typographic elements were key in giving
this identity a modern and dynamic design. Meanwhile, the ruler
navigation menu on the website indicates the precision
and attention to detail required by both sports professionals
and medical professionals.

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Valletta – Then & Now

2point3 in collaboration with interior designer Luisa Diacono,
developed an identity for the new Valletta Local Council
premises. The letter ‘V’ logotype, which stands for ‘Valletta’,
embraces the past and present of the city in a versatile
and contemporary way. Unfortunately due to unknown
circumstances this identity was never realised.

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Commando Restaurant

Located in the seaside village of Mellieħa, Commando is a restaurant
housed within a 300-year old stone building. Commando remains
a family-owned business with its original purpose in the 1930’s
was to serve humble meals to Royal Marine Commandos who were
stationed at the nearby camp at Għadira Bay. 2point3 was entrusted
with the restaurant’s identity including the outdoor sign,
print material, and wall graphics.

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Joseph Sant Portfolio

Joseph Sant is a Maltese model maker specialising in wood materials.
At present thanks to his involvement with world-renowned architect
firm Foster+Partners, he has refined his techniques with the latest
advancements in the model making industry. 2point3 compiled his
portfolio of work and designed this structural pattern cover
to represent his geometric notion.

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MEME Malta Cards

MEME Malta is a Maltese inspirational blog that our studio
is keen on supporting. In collaboration with Studio Mothership,
we have designed these letterpress cards to promote the blog
and contact talented designers and artists. A very intricate
debossment on the back of the card was created to represent
MEME Malta’s logo, in the hope to identify the online blog
away from the usual local conventional boundaries.

View project or visit MEME Malta

Piers Day Identity and Iconography

Piers Day is an English Hypnotherapist using a variety of advanced
techniques to help his clientele recover mental and psychological
problems. Apart from creating the new identity, 2point3 designed
a set of icons portray the many individual services offered
by Piers Day.

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Bespoke Letterpress Design

2point3 has joined forces with London based atelier Studio Mothership
to offer bespoke letterpress services in Malta. We have been using
letterpress mainly for business cards to create that unique tactile
feeling that only traditional printing can provide.

Click here to view one of our letterpress projects.

Alternattiva Demokratika’s New Identity

After more than 20 years since the launch of Alternattiva Demokratika,
the Green Party of Malta felt the need to transform its identity to represent
progress and change. The new emblem designed by 2point3, consists of two
abstract shapes symbolising the radiating sun and sunflower. Two common
motifs used in European Greens’ politics. A comprehensive brand guideline
book was also devised to ensure recognisable and flexible communication
for digital and printed matter.

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Malta Enterprise

2point3 alongside AP+ have rebranded Malta Enterprise;
the leading agency responsible for the promotion of
foreign investment and industrial development in Malta.
A comprehensive and extensive brand manual was designed
to fulfil the corporate’s new strategy, image and values.
The simplicity and clarity of the new identity is an
indication of the corporate’s ability to provide powerful,
effective solutions to clients’ nowadays.

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Periscopix Information Graphics

Periscopix is an English Marketing Agency mainly concentrating
on Pay Per Click campaigns. They describe themselves as
Mathematicians, Statisticians, Computer Scientists, and most
importantly Marketers. We were asked by Periscopix to design
information graphs showing various Pay Per Click solutions.

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Grass Block Campaign

2point3 and Attard Bros Hard Landscaping Unit have
worked side by side on the Grass Block campaign.
The project for the concrete Grass Block was based
on an environmental concept that portrays the product
in a distinctive green block pattern that works well
on a variety of media, including animation.

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Hotel Argento

The new Hotel Argento opened its door last summer with an
identity that aims to attract a new generation in the tourism
industry. The logotype has been designed in greys only to
resemble the word ‘Argento’ (an Italian term that symbolises
a delicate and accomodating atmosphere). All the hotel’s
materials have a modern, sleek, and elegant approach that
moves away from the habitual identities that we see locally.

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Season Feelings

This set of posters is a conceptual representation of the mood
each season brings with it. These self-initiated projects help
improve the graphical language in the simplest of forms while
upgrading the emotional impact on the viewer.

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Laurence King’s 20 Years of Independent Publishing

We have created this straightforward poster which portrays the growth
of Laurence King’s 20 years of independent publishing through the
different scaling of 20 book spreads, each one bigger than the one
previously laid. Naturally the 20th spread is the largest.

Rotor Guide

The Rotor Guide is a user-friendly map, which we are developing.
Its aim is to make the wayfinding process more efficient and intriguing
by using transparent layers to categorise different points of interest.
A custom prototype was tested on Mdina, receiving very positive
feedback from users and AIG (Applied Information Group of London).

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